Friday, November 25, 2016 Post-Game Quotes – Dayton 84, Portland 74

Dayton Coach Archie Miller – “I’m really proud of our guys. Anytime you’re in this kind of event situation you need to be able to take a short amount of information on what you did right and wrong and then you have to move forward and I think our guys did that. It was a tough, disappointing loss- not so much that we lost the game- but I think everybody understands our program and what we have to be about. From the defensive side, I thought we were much better to start the night and that carried us all the way through. These two guys the last back-to-back games played really well, a lot of guys stepped up and did some big things and that’s big as we prepare for New Mexico.”

On preparing for New Mexico – “Coach Neal does a great job with his guys. They’ve always done a great job offensively getting their best players shots. Tim Williams is a guy we recruited 3-4 years back and he’s a double-double guy. They’ve got good size. Elijah Brown is a big-time scorer. They’re a good offensive team, they mix their defenses up pretty well. They’re a Mountain West contender so for us, this is a great test on a third day.

On recruiting Tim Williams– “Tim’s a great kid, has a great family. He’s rugged, Inside-outside type of a player. He’s got great hands, very mobile in and around the basket. Has a knack for drawing fouls, consistently rebounds the ball regardless of the place he’s at. He’s done a great job for those guys over the course of his career. We haven’t had a chance to prepare but we better be ready for him because he’s a great player.

On differences in Charles’ game this year – “I think Charles has done a great job of putting together all phases. One, taking good shots and he has great range and he’s going to be efficient with that. I think the second part is not settling for those shots and playing it straight line. I think he’s one of the best straight line guys you’ll find in terms of covering a lot of ground off the catch. We have to do a better job of getting him in and around the basket because of his length. He’s becoming much more of a complete player. I think one thing that gets misguided by him because he gets some efficient numbers is what his defense brings to the floor and his versatility that he has is pretty incredible. If you think about him guarding a 5’8 guy and then a 6’8 guy so he can kind of do both.” 

On tonight’s ball movement – “I think our guys did a much better job of making more of the extra pass. I felt like we made three or four passes on multiple possessions and we also fed the post. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you don’t work inside-out at some level, you’re not going to have efficient offense because teams will just take your perimeter game. Xeryius did a couple nice things in there, Sam [Miller] did, Ryan [Mikesell] did couple nice things in there catching any type. We had better ball movement, we had better reversal. I felt like guys were hunting for the good extra pass as well. I think first half we had 12 assists and seven more in the second half. That’s how we have to play just from what our personnel has become. We have to keep learning how to play together.” 

Dayton’s Xeyrius Williams on the importance of the last two games – “It really sets a standard for how have to I hold myself, holds me accountable that I can do it and just come and play like that every day.” 

On his shooting – “We had a big summer working on our shots and staying in the gym working on getting a routine down. I put a lot of time in the gym so it’s nice to see it pay off.”

Dayton’s Charles Cooke on improvements over offseason – “I just went home and did a lot of different things especially with tight defenses and tight spaces, just really how to read plays and make plays off the ball. Specifically, reading plays off ball screens and staying in attack mode off ball screens. And also, just really seeing the floor and feeling the game out, that’s really my main goal.”

Portland Coach Terry Porter – “Dayton came out on fire during the first half and caught us off guard a little bit. We worked our way back in the game during the second half but all in all, give them credit. They are an experienced team that has a lot of seniors. They gel well together and at times did a great job of knocking us off our rhythm and not allow us to get into our plays.”

On Portland play in the first half vs. second half? – “During stretches of the game it was turnovers that hurt us most. We turned the ball over and gave them some easy opportunities. We had to fight to get back into it. There were some timely shots that we didn’t knock down that would have given us an opportunity to get back into it.”

On playing some player heavy minutes this season? – “It’s kind of a game by game basis. We’re going to rely on our starters a lot, I don’t know if it’s forty minutes worth but it will be a lot. We need them on the floor because they are great leaders and decision makers. There will be many games when you see those guys on the floor a majority of the time.”

On playing CSUN on Sunday? – “We know that from this game we have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. CSUN is a team that really likes to get out in the open court. We will have to a good job of turning the offense over and making them work a little bit. Lastly we need to continue working on getting back and doing a good job defensively.”

Portland Guard Alec Wintering on playing 40 minutes tonight? – “I’m a little tired but I am always ready to go and compete. I’m ready to go onto the next game.”

On playing CSUN on Sunday? – “We are taking lesson from this game and will use them moving forward. Our coaches do a great job with the scouting and taking the good things from this game and moving forward.”