Seton Hall 82, Grand Canyon 75 – Post-game quotes and Wooden chips

Coach Kevin Willard, Seton Hall – Opening Statement: “I really love their team (GCU) a lot. They play hard and they are tough to guard. For us, a young team, to battle and find way to win is good. We made some big plays and I think this is the first time we’ve showed some toughness. We got an offensive rebound and hit a big three down the stretch.”

On Miles Powell: “That’s the Miles Powell we usually see in practice. I said this at the beginning of the season, you’ll see a lot of that this year. You’ll see some 40s, you’ll see some 45s, but he’ll also have some nights where he struggles. We just have to get him to understand that he always has to play with the intensity required but no I’m not shocked by what he did tonight. We always see that in practice.”

Coach Don Majerle, Grand Canyon – (On the game’s outcome and effort): “I’m disappointed. We’re at the point of our program, 6 years as a division one team that we expect to win every game, we knew this was going to be extremely tough. Seton Hall is a very good team. They are very well coached with a lot of talent but this is a game we wanted to come in and win. Our guys are disappointed, I’m happy with our effort, it was just too much [Myles] Powell. He just had one of those games and we knew he was able to do it. We concentrated on him, we tried different coverages but he just continued to make big shots and we couldn’t stop him.”

(On the halftime talk to guard Powell): “Well it just can’t be one guy, he’s got to see a bunch of bodies. That’s what we talked about before the game, we tried to blitz him the second half, we just doubled him off of ball screens. But, good players find ways to make good plays and he absolutely did that so hats of to him. I was happy with our effort, our guys fought back and had a chance to win so hopefully we can learn from this and continue to get better.”

(On the GCU travelling contingent): “Oh man, if you ever have a chance to go to Phoenix and watch one of our games, it’s that times one hundred. We rock the place at 7,500 standing room only we have, and this is not a hyperbole, if not one of the best student fanbase in the country, it’s one of the best. They travel and they care about our team. We don’t take it for granted, we love it, and they just do a great job to travel. That’s one of the best things about Grand Canyon, it’s the support we have.”

Wooden Chips

Seton Hall (2-2)

Grand Canyon (2-2)