Don’t miss the mofongo, my friend:

The foodie trend has swept the nation, and Puerto Rico is no exception. The No. 1 “gotta have it” food for first-timers to try in Puerto Rico would be the native mofongo. And watching the mix of plantains, garlic, broth, olive oil and chicharrón being prepared in a pilón is just as fun as eating it. The mix is traditionally served with just these five ingredients, and some seasoning, but it’s quite common to enjoy the mash with shrimp, chicken or vegetables added as well. Word has it (on foodie sites such as Yelp!) that El Jibarito in Old San Juan offers some fairly amazing mofongo, as do Café Manolin Old San Juan and the Ropa Vieja Grill, all of which offer a fine variety of other Latin delicacies, including ropa vieja, black beans and rice, and impeccably fresh seafood. Top any of them off with a rum cocktail, of course, and you’re practically a local.