Friday, November 18, 2016 Post-Game Quotes – Davidson 70, Missouri 55

Davidson Head Coach Bob McKillop – “Delighted to have a victory against a Southeastern Conference opponent. This is a challenging tournament and we accepted the opportunity to come here because we wanted to be pushed, we wanted to be challenged, we wanted to find out how good we are. Certainly these two games Clemson and Missouri exposed our strengths, exposed our weaknesses and gave us the opportunity to get better. We’re pleased at where we are right now having improved in 48 hours.

“Jack (Gibbs) and Rusty (Reigel) and Jordan (Watkins) and Jon Axel (Gudmundsson) did a terrific job of what we call playing with a picket fence – we made the shooters catch it with a picket fence in front of them and that was very fruitful in making their looks not as clean as they were yesterday.”

Davidson guard Jack Gibbs – “We harped on defensive intensity last night and this morning because we didn’t play well defensively as a team or individually. As a unit we were in position better than we were against Clemson. That was one of the main things because if they’re making shots, it’s tough to get our offense going when you have to grab it off the rim. That makes our offense go.”

Davidson forward Peyton Aldridge – “It gives the team confidence because there a lot of young guys playing a lot of different roles and that’s a big step early in the year. We just had to bounce back from yesterday and the team did a good job with that.”