MBI QUOTES – Boise State 70, Loyola Chicago 48

Boise State Coach Leon Rice – “I knew because of the quality opponent, I knew we had to play a good game. The team that played the good game was going to win tonight. We got clicking and that was the most complete game we’ve played hands-down. That’s to be expected because we have a lot of new guys and guys who are figuring their role. We’re just kind of settling in as a team but we made a huge jump tonight.”

Loyola Coach Drew Valentine – “Gotta give Boise credit. They did a good job of forcing us to play a lot of one-on-one basketball with their switching. You saw what happens when our team doesn’t play together offensively. A lot of props to Boise. They’re extremely well coached and (Boise Coach Leon Rice) he ran a master class with me. I still believe in this group, it has a high ceiling and we’ve just got to get some guys who are proven. We’ve got to get them to play better and they will. Regardless of the outcome of this tournament it doesn’t put you in the NCAA Tournament. The best part about these MTEs is that you get an opportunity to play again.”