MBI Quotes – Wichita State 88, Saint Louis 69

Wichita State Coach Paul Mills – “I thought we were aggressive but it kind of took us a little while. We’re not trying to walk it off. I was happy that we were way more forceful. I wasn’t happy with some of the decisions, but if your foot is not on the gas, you’re not gonna go anywhere. I did think that at least we throttled down a little bit more and it got us quality looks. We knew what we were looking for. We were trying to get Kenny [Pohto] and Colby [Rogers] shots and then ‘X’ [Xavier Bell] as well.” (On winning the third place game) “There are four teams walking out of here with at least two losses and you don’t want to be one of them. I just think they’re [third-place games] such momentum builders. If you can walk out of here with a good feeling, that pays huge dividends. Especially knowing we get a week off, it’ll pay huge dividends just in rest and confidence.” (On the Myrtle Beach Invitational experience) “People do a great job here with this tournament. Just phenomenal people, a first class event. Everybody has been fantastic. A wonderful host. We love practicing in the hotel with all the other teams. To see each other, to be able to play, I think those kinds of things spur you on because you get to see other teams. Especially when you play good ones, you get to identify different things, this is the effort you got to give in order to win. Those things pay dividends because sometimes you don’t get to compare yourself with any other people. These early season tournaments give you that opportunity.”