Myrtle Beach Invitational – Ohio 75, Middle Tennessee 63 Quotes, November 24, 2019

Ohio coach Jeff Boals – “Six of our seven games have been away from home and going into this game we talked about someone’s going to leave here 0-3, somebody’s going to be 1-2. The tougher team was going to win, and I thought we were the tougher team and I’m proud of our guys for competing. We knew by the way they played defense that Jordan (Dartis) was going to get some great looks. He struggled the last three game against great competition. He needs one to go in and once he got that first one, he got a lot of great looks and eight 3s, he was huge for us. The biggest thing is we leave here with a win.”

Middle Tennessee coach Nick McDevitt – “What it does when you play in tournaments like this, against competition like this, it exposes what you’re not good at. It exposes your weaknesses and you find out what you’re made of when you’re playing elite-level competition. We didn’t do a good job while we were down here this week of guarding the ball. We fouled too much, teams were able to shoot beyond the arc too easily, and that’s the reason we weren’t able to win games while we were down here.”