QUOTES – Davidson 72, Penn 60

Davidson coach Bob McKillop – “We fought back from what was a very challenging loss last night and I’m sure Penn having to play two overtimes was impacted by that in terms of their energy. I think the big lead early put them on their heels and they fought back valiantly and sometimes when you fight back from that kind of deficit it takes a lot out of you. We were able to sustain our attack throughout the second half and I don’t think their energy was there. I’m pleased with this guy over here (forward Sam Mennenga), he’s just getting better and better, and he had the great foresight to stay in the game instead of coming to the bench with foul trouble. Our interior game was strong and when you have three shooters like Foster (Loyer), Mike (Jones) and (Hyungjung) Lee on the perimeter, it gives you a chance to attack the paint a little bit better. I’m going to go back to the film and watch this and get better from this and that’s what we’re here for, to get better. I think we have gotten and now we have to keep taking steps forward.”

Davidson forward Sam Mennenga – “Forgetting, letting go. You learn from the previous game, but you can’t hold onto this. I just worked on forgetting about it, letting go of it and concentrating on today and that helped a lot going into the game. When I do my job, good things happen.”

Penn coach Steve Donahue – “I thought we fought hard. Davidson’s a really good, physical team. Our turn has been absolutely nuts and you can probably blame it on me for scheduling this – six games in 8 1/ 2 days. I couldn’t be more proud, pleased, happy for our guys. We kind of need this to get better against really good teams. I’m excited about where we’re headed. Davidson was terrific. We kind of knocked them back a little bit. They got themselves together and showed who they are. The message (at halftime) was we’re not going to allow what we did to start the game in the second half. I thought we came out of gates pretty well to start the second half. The whole night it just seemed like our balls went in and out with some pretty good looks and their balls rattled in. Sometimes games come down to that. I was pleased with our execution, we defended, but there was a period there we missed five or six open shots and they made us pay.”