QUOTES – Oklahoma 87, Indiana State 63

Oklahoma coach Porter Moser – “This game made us better at switching. Last night we weren’t as crisp and sharp and loud. You’ve got to be loud if you’re switching. We got caught on some but with as many as they do, I thought we were pretty disciplined at it tonight overall. You’ve got to credit our guys because it is a short turnaround. It’s a process. Everyone wants to talk about March but we’re talking about what’s right in front of us. We came here to win this thing. We’ve got a tough Utah State opponent that just really played unbelievable this afternoon. They can really shoot. They hit 14 3s so that’s going to be something we have to guard but you want to draw on that. I remember with the freshmen at Loyola, we got invited to the CBI and when we got in it, we talked about winning it and we won it. When those freshmen were seniors, we went to the Final 4 with a conference championship. You want to get in it, and you want that mentality to win in advance. We’re definitely going to talk about that in the next 48 hours.”

Indiana State coach Josh Schertz – “Credit to Oklahoma. They were the more disciplined, the tougher team and usually in basketball, that’s the team that comes out on top. I was proud of our guys for the first four games and 25 minutes of this one. It was 47-41 and we were hanging in there and for whatever reason, things kind of snowballed on us. Against a good team, they’re going to take advantage and crush you and Oklahoma did that. I don’t if it was fatigue, I can’t explain it. That was disappointing on our part, but you’ve got to credit Oklahoma. In the second half particularly they made timely 3s, got to the free throw line, transition baskets, some poor shot selection, giving up offensive rebounds – those things were happening at a pretty rapid rate. We couldn’t stop it and we don’t have enough depth to sub and fix it. It’s hopefully a learning experience for our guys. I can deal with losing, of course, but I can’t deal with what happened the last 15 minutes.”