If you’re wondering about the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic’s namesake, it’s that 350-acre crater-sized, well, crater, on the southern tip of Honolulu. Those prone to phobias, beware: The hike to the top of the Diamond Head Crater, which runners and joggers regularly traverse with ease, includes a squeeze through a (lighted) tunnel that is said to be barely wide enough for two average-sized humans. However, the resulting stand at the summit offers perhaps the best possible photo op in all of Honolulu. Not far down the road lies the Koko Crater Trail, which offers a slightly more challenging hike and a higher summit: 1,200 feet to Diamond Head’s 761. Because both craters are immensely popular tourist attractions, it is recommended that families enjoy this hike as early in the day as possible – which also helps in avoiding the full heat of the island sun later in the day.