If you see the word “poke” on a menu here and you think about childhood fights and jabbing your finger into your little brother’s shoulder, you’re doing it wrong. In Hawaii, “poke,” the food, is pronounced “POH-kay,” and it’s a delicacy not to be missed. As it has across the country, the foodie scene has erupted here, too, and poke is one of the local favorites you’ll be urged to try. It’s a cousin of ceviche. Think of it as a sushi salad of sorts. Nowadays, poke consists of chopped raw fish, such as ahi tuna, octopus or salmon, marinated in salt, sesame oil, soy sauce and sometimes wasabi, then mixed with salad fixings such as Maui onion, seaweed and/or chile peppers. With world-renowned fresh seafood on hand at every corner of O’ahu, this inspiring dish is worth a taste. And, while exploring Honolulu’s food scene, be sure to check out the farmer’s markets, bursting with endless varieties of every international food you can imagine, as well as the city’s own Chinatown. On the North Shore, a garlic shrimp plate at a food truck is a must. Finding a good recommendation for a traditional Hawaiian lunch plate is also seriously suggested.